First lesson in survival is  The Rule of Threes:

        • You can survive three minutes in icy water, or without breathable air (unconsciousness generally occurs)
        • You can survive three hours in a harsh environment (extreme heat or cold).
        • You can survive three days without drinkable water.
        • You can survive three weeks without food.


  • This should tell you what you need to know for your basic priorities in any survival situation.
      • Make sure you can breathe, or get somewhere you can.
      • Build a fire and then a shelter.
      • Find potable water; use your filter or build one, or boil it if necessary.
      • Then think about what there is to eat.


Being prepared doesn’t mean you must have everything you need, necessarily. Some people have many pounds of supplies and would realize too late that they can’t take it with them in some scenarios. Being prepared means knowing how to get  or make what you need. Some preppers say they have hoarded vitamins, but vitamins have not been shown to be effective in any real way. Our vitamins and nutrients are best obtained and used in our bodies from natural sources. Thus, instead of packing your mega bottle of vitamin C, know that you can make a tea from pine needles and get what you need out of that. Instead of collecting boxes of heavy Pedialyte, instead keep a canister of powdered Gatorade. You can make your own with water on hand. Don’t collect crates of bottle water, just make sure you have several good water filters, like the LifeStraw, and know how to use natural resources to filter, or a pan to boil water in.

You can download these PDFs as a resource and reference library, keep it on a Kindle or laptop, and also maybe make sure it’s in a Faraday cage in case an EMP or CME event fries it. Then you can use it with a small solar panel and have a library at your fingertips. Other than that, spend your time learning how to make do in an old-fashioned way. Know how to forage for food, how to meet your basic needs, how to hunt and field dress an animal, if necessary, and preferably, how to use a quiet weapon, like a bow and arrow. This will avoid drawing attention to yourself, and help insure your safety against the elements and against the evils of men. Don’t think for a moment that you’re safe. Women are never safe when there are men around. You must be able to take precautions and take care of yourself. Better yet, find a community of other women and benefit from a wide range of skill sets, and help protect each other.


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